Law of As Above So Below

Law of As Above So Below

The universe is reflective. What exists in one layer, or dimension, is mirrored in every other.

It is by understanding how one thing expresses in many ways that people throughout time understood such things as how patterns in the sky reflect patterns of the soul or how the arrival of a particular animal, such as a white buffalo, corresponds with the appearance of a great being or new epoch. It also explains modern mysteries such as those in multiple personalities where shifts in the mind alter allergies, diseases, responses to medication–even the shape and curvature of the eye.

In each moment, heaven descends and creates earth. What is above takes form in each plane below on a grand journey. Similarly in each moment what is below reflects back again to what is above. In its own way, earth feeds information back and changes heaven.

The highest dimensions are the most generative, or causal. Patterns begin here and flow into every lower layer. On their descent, they express a little less of their full quality because of the vibratory limits of matter at every level. Physical matter cannot do what more subtle matter can, and so expresses the same energy within its own constraints.

A single energy takes different forms on each plane. Emotions such as fear and love create corresponding forms in the dream band—creatures, environments, storylines. These same energies reflect down into the physical dimension as molecules in the body. And they reflect up into the mental dimension as geometric patterns.

You exist in some form in every dimension. But you may be more or less conscious of those aspects of yourself beyond your physical body. And your bodies in higher planes may be more or less developed. Just as physical bodies vary in strength and ability according to how they are used, so do subtle bodies. Because the physical body is so dense, it is often the point of strongest identification. But it is no more real than any other.

Those parts of you that are most dense have the most limited expression. Your fullest expression exists in the highest aspects of yourself—you as spirit and soul. Growth is the process of making what is below more perfectly reflect what is above. This process continues infinitely as described in the Law of Limited Expression.

The Law of As Above, So Below is a law of ultimate leverage. It indicates that our approach to any situation must be multi-dimensional, and that the fulcrum lies above the layer of manifestation. The macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm.

(copyrighted art by Deborah Koff-Chapin)