Two Worlds Membership

Two Worlds Membership

Two Worlds is a powerful, vibrant community exploring 108 wisdom principles and their application in our lives, our communities, and our organizations.

We are a community of spiritual seekers. And many of us are also doing edge-running work in mainstream or corporate domains. This unique blending of worlds is what makes us a community of world changers.

Most of us intersect at either the annual Wisdom Gathering or in the Two Worlds online forum. 

Annual Wisdom Gathering

This is the cornerstone event for most members each year. In years when attending the Wisdom Gathering isn’t possible, individuals choose either Core Option 2 or Core Option 3 described in the panes below.

For many of us, this is the most exciting, meaningful, and inspiring three days of our year. And each year the gathering experiences an incredible evolution through the collective contribution of so many remarkable people.

The Value
The gathering is a unique opportunity to hang out with some of the most interesting wisdom elders and teachers in the world. And with other seekers and explorers ready to experience new worlds. It’s also a time for high play! To immerse in provocative, aesthetic experiences. To invest in, and honor, your possibilities and potentials. And to rest and rejuvenate.

The Details
October 21-23, 2019 at Chautauqua in Boulder, CO. We begin Monday morning and conclude Wednesday at noon. There is no tuition for members. Participants pay their lodging expense at Chautauqua.

Monthly Exploration Calls—Member Benefit

Over the last year, several growing groups in Two Worlds have been creating incredible conference call experiences. Some of these have focused on specific topics, like dream work. Others have been meditations, or calls for individuals with special requests. Often the experiences are unorchestrated, collective creations.

The Value
Often people feel isolated and unsupported on their journey. Or yearn to connect more frequently with like-minded people. This is a way to create a powerful inner circle with people from all over the world.

The Details
Calls are announced via email and on the Two Worlds forum with a dial-in number and access code. Calls are also recorded and posted in the forum so you can listen later if you are unable to join the call live.

Community Forum—Member Benefit

Two Worlds has a thriving online forum. There are over 70,000 messages in hundreds of threads.

The Value
The forum is an archive of provocative ideas. And it’s the best way to participate in a wisdom community on your own terms. You can read and post anytime it works for you. It’s also been the place where many of the strongest bonds in our community are formed over time.

The Details
All Two Worlds members receive a user name and password.

Individual and Organizational Tools—Member Benefit

The founders of Two Worlds are continually creating new tools that help anchor the 108 wisdom principles into our lives and work. Some of the tools are personally focused. Others are designed for work with organizations.
It is our vision that these be accessible for many others to use, so we freely share them under a Creative Commons agreement.

The Value
Tools give you a ready-made process for exploring edgy ideas. They can also be modified to fit the work you are already doing with a person, group, or organization. Our tools have required great time, effort, and dedication to develop. You can start with the work we’ve already done and further it in your own way.

The Details
Existing tools are accessible online. New tools are distributed to all Two Worlds members via our forum as they are created. All tools are distributed in PDF format. 


The founders of Two Worlds recognize that some of the most talented people in our community could occasionally use a little extra help in bringing their gifts to the world. Or maybe even a little help getting to the annual Wisdom Gathering.
It is our intention to gift what we can to support members of our community in the times it matters most. Every member has a part in this gift with the contribution of their quarterly dues.

The Value
Sometimes the only missing ingredient is money. By providing it, we precipitate what could not take form before.

The Details

Any revenue generated in excess of what’s required to cover our direct costs will be directed toward adopted members each year. Our community can nominate worthy individuals, or people can self identify.  

Membership Fees and Details

Membership Fee
$150 per quarter or $55 per month auto renewing

Membership Details
For members who sign up before January 1 of a calendar year, there is no additional cost for their core option. For members who sign up after January 1, there is an additional $300 fee.

All members are eligible for all ongoing member benefits described above.

Non-members may attend the Wisdom Gathering for $950, but non-member registration is not available until after March 31. The Intimate Retreat with Lee is available for members only.

After January 1 of any calendar year, members may sign up for a core option. Space is limited for the Wisdom Gathering and Intimate Retreat with Lee, but there is no limit to the number of members choosing personal coaching as their one core option.