Law of Akasha

Law of Akasha

Akasha is the informational field and subtle substance from which all form emerges—the first material or prima materia, the primordial cosmic womb, the mother of the elements or elementium primordial, the void or quantum field. It is, most simply, the essence of the creation space.

All creation emerges in a dance between consciousness and matter. Consciousness initiates—sending forth an energetic pattern or matrix. The creation space receives, assembling matter to create form. In this creative interplay, akasha is where the two comingle.

Many world mythologies portray this relationship between active force and receptive space as a primordial father and mother. Akasha is what gives rise to the child. It takes the impress of consciousness and precipitates the first subtle forms.

You experience this each night as you sleep. In more subtle dimensions, consciousness fluidly creates reality. Thoughts and energies materialize shapes. Emotions such as fear create corresponding forms and creatures. Because the substance of higher dimensions vibrates differently, it responds more easily.  

The third dimension vibrates more slowly. Think lion and one does not instantly appear. Precipitating a material form from the akashic field in the third dimension requires much stronger force, as described in Law of Magic and Law of Manifestation.

The nature of the form that ultimately manifests depends upon properties of each dimension. Some forms exist in many dimensions but appear differently in each one. Gold, for example, is transparent at higher vibrations and holds qualties like throughness, not possible in its third-dimensional form.

There are many ways to relate to akasha. You might imagine it as a cosmic ally, eager to do new things and partner with you. You might also relate to it as a teacher, for it has much to tell you as described in the Way Out application of this law.

(copyrighted art by Deborah Koff-Chapin)