Law of Giving

Law of Giving

Breathe in the abundance all around you. Then breathe out, gifting your abundance again to all that is. This is the rhythm of life, its vital circulation. Giving and receiving originate in each other and thrive in balance. Together they form a great circle, rising in a spiral motion.

One of these cannot exist for long without the other. Giving that is not continually sourced in receiving exhausts itself. And receiving that does not flow again into the world stagnates. Both must be in motion.

Often we assume giving is more worthy than receiving. It appears more selfless, more beautiful to help than to be helped. But receiving is just as essential as giving. When you receive with love, you benefit not only yourself but the other. You enable someone to experience meaning and bliss through service. Your receiving is actually a form of giving. To become impervious to the attempts of others to help is an act of ego that cuts both you and another off from greater flow.

There are few things more essential than this law to set things right in the world. Nations, as well as individuals, that refuse to give ultimately come to a halt. What appears as gain from continuous taking is lost as karmic penalties accrue. That which is horded disappears. What is not released through sharing does not grow and return. Giving and receiving are not simple exchanges of resource, but part of a flow through which resource grows. They are expressions of the same energy which either rises or falls, increases or declines.

You are probably aware of only a small portion of what you receive. Many of the most pivotal gifts are so interwoven in your life circumstance and genetics as to be nearly invisible. The gift is in you, around you, inseparable from you. Additionally, you may receive a capacity and not realize it until much later when a circumstance calls it forth.

No gift has absolute value. Its value is only what it enables you to accomplish that you couldn’t otherwise. A gift must arrive at a point in your life when you can use it—and do so without being over-awed. You prepare yourself to receive through how you give in your path of service.

To operate this law, always be aware of the inverse of what you desire. If you wish to receive, initiate by giving. It is important in times of lack not to always stay in the position of receiving. And as you give, remain open to receive. Be a child at play in the universe—empty in relation to that which is greater than you and full to overflowing in relation to that which is smaller.

(copyrighted art by Deborah Koff-Chapin)