Law of Love

Law of Love

Love is the original impulse, the secret of creation. Imagine nothing existing outside your own boundaries—you know all and are all. From here nothing is possible. You cannot become anything more, for you are everything. You cannot love another thing, for all is you.

So One became many. Source scattered into sparks, and a great cosmic journey began. Love is not the pursuit of similarity until we have only ourselves to love again. It is the attraction and harmony amid increasing differences. It reaches its highest expression not between two people or cultures that are nearly identical, but between those things most unlike each other. Love leaps across the gaps. The greatest gaps create the highest potentials for two unlike things to come into relationships of power and creativity. 

In some ways it could be said that the proton loves the electron. Love is the great attractive power in the universe. It always incorporates, always closes the distance. And as it travels from one thing to another, it creates a channel or bond. Information and energy flow through this channel. 

That which you do not love, you will never fully understand. What you do not love, you cannot heal or grow to its fullest. Love creates a stream of nurturance, but even more. It resonates with the archetypal pattern of a thing. This archetype is the seed of infinite possibility, the enfolded pattern. Love loosens the energy in this blueprint and draws it down, thus enabling it to escape its current limits and become what it already is but hasn’t yet arrived at.

When you love a child, a plant, or something as seemingly inanimate as wood or metal, you discover it will go beyond its apparent limitations. Love is the primary way limitations are removed. All miracles are based on love, and love is the secret to transformation and alchemy.

Love started everything, and it will ultimately complete it.

(copyrighted art by Deborah Koff-Chapin)