Law of Radiation

Law of Radiation

Everything radiates its nature. It tells a story of its past, what it is in the moment, and what it might become.

This story reaches back through time. Wood retains the pattern of what it was as a tree, as a seedling, as nutrients and soil, as the life forms that became the soil, and as the elements and light that nurtured those life forms. Similarly you continue to communicate all you have been. This is your background radiation.

Your story continues in the present. In the foreground of your radiation is what you are in this moment. This fluctuates with the energies running through you now, which may be similar or dissimilar to that part of your radiation which is more constant.

Also present in your radiation is that which you are becoming. The highest aspect of you exists out of time. Here you already are everything you ever will be. In your radiation are these frequencies of full potential. Listen carefully to the story of anything as told in its radiation and you will hear this call of the future along with the sound of the present and the echo of the past.

How much of another person’s radiation you can read depends on you. The more you can harmonize with a thing, the more you understand. Match it completely, and you will know as it knows, feel as it feels. All distance between you and it disappears. To learn in this way is to learn as a thing rather than about a thing.

The more sensitive your body, heart, and mind, the more you perceive. If you cannot hold a frequency, you cannot perceive it in another.

As we gain life experience, we are better able to interpret and assign meaning to what we notice. The key to this law lies both in an increased capacity to notice and an increased capacity to understand what we notice.

It is important to monitor what you are giving off. How does the world respond to you, even if you say or do nothing? Move into a bad mood, and you attract a world in a bad mood. Move into a good mood, and the world responds in kind. If you don’t like what you sense in your radiation, change your consciousness.

All things progress along an infinite curve according to the Law of Limited Expression. To the extent you love a thing and perceive its radiation, you can assist in this movement. You become not just a reader of the story but an evolutionary partner.

(copyrighted art by Deborah Koff-Chapin)