Law of Sharing

Law of Sharing

Our world thrives through sharing. No one person, group, or culture has everything it takes to flourish. But each has a piece. The potential of the Law of Sharing is for every part to come into creative flow with every other, for the whole to become more as energies come into new creative combinations.

Most of the resource in our world is not in motion. What is given is often done in discrete acts on particular occasions. But there is a consciousness of sharing that goes beyond this—a way of coming into creative interaction with everything at all times. Sharing as a way of being is how you allow that which is in you to continuously merge and combine with everything else.

When you share, you put something in motion—energy, action, resource. A flow moves from you into the world. When you make a situation better, you share. When you gift another person with the generosity of appreciation or see them as they could be in greater expression, you share. The highest levels of sharing flow from our being. Sharing that is less than this, sharing in action only, is a shadow of its potential.

When you share, you create new space to receive. The outflow of sharing attracts an inflow. Your gifts go out into the world, grow, and ultimately return as explained in the Law of Balance and the Law of Karma. Often we do not recognize these returns because they come in different forms. A gift of resource may return as extended capacity, an unexpected discovery, or many other things.

You can use the Law of Sharing to change your destiny. Rather than waiting for greater sufficiency to share, share and move into greater sufficiency. There is no place from which you cannot be generous, no time in which you cannot both give and receive.

The most pristine gifts flow without any request from another. When you give in response to incessant appeals, pressure, or guilt, these emotions color the energy of your gift. This is why in higher dimensions you must be the one to perceive an opportunity to share. If you do not recognize it, you will not be shown. The opportunity is passed over, and you will never know. The assumption is when your awareness increases, the opportunity will be obvious.

In the Law of Sharing are clues to our beginnings—why the One became many, and that which was unlimited assumed limitation. Also in it are the secrets to our future evolution as we learn to share not only with other humans, but with all things that inhabit our world.

(copyrighted art by Deborah Koff-Chapin)